Adelaide 2019: Magic Top Picks

Be quick and get to Fest's magic top picks before they disappear

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Matt Tarrant
Published 04 Feb 2019


Dom Chambers, Australia’s own ‘Beer Magician’, is back in the country after performing for, and perplexing, magical royalty Penn and Teller in Las Vegas. Like nothing you’ve ever seen in magic before, RanDom utilises Siri in the most unexpected of ways, while keeping the audience in surprised stitches throughout. Forget rabbits and hats, it’s all about Tinder and beer.

Gluttony, 5-17 Mar (not 11), 7:20pm.


How powerful is the human mind? Isaac Lomman endeavours to highlight the complexities of imagination in this family-friendly hypnotic display of suggestion. Volunteers on stage lead the audience on hilarious adventures through Lomman’s guidance, without falling into the clichéd stereotypes of Hollywood hypnosis.

Gluttony, 15-17 Mar (not Mon), 9:30pm.

Matt Tarrant: MORE Unsolved

Matt Tarrant represents the new age in magic. As the most successful solo performer in Adelaide Fringe history, his magic and mentalist work continues to enthral and excite audiences across the globe. Expect close up tricks with no explanations, mentalist powers that can only be described as psychic, and a commanding stage presence.

Gluttony, 19 Feb-17 Mar (not Mon), 6:45pm.

Ben Hart: The Nutshell

In a style which could only be called ‘narrative magic’, Ben Hart pours his blood, sweat and tears, literally, into his show. Be amazed by his disappearing acts and close up magic, but don’t listen to his advice; his 'life hacks' have been known to fool people online!

The Garden of Unearthly Delights, 15 Feb-17 Mar (not Mon), 7pm.

Kevin Kopfstein International Man of Mystery & Mischief

Now that his teenage son ‘knows where the food pantry is’, Kevin Kopfstein is back after a 15 year hiatus performing a brand new show with a fresh enthusiasm. A blend of magic and standup, Kopfstein enthralls audiences by showing the magic within everyday objects.

Gluttony, 15 Feb-3 Mar (not Mon), 7:10pm.