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Tash York - Adulting. Credit: Alexis Desaulniers-Lea Photography
Photo by Alexis Desaulniers-Lea Photography
Published 22 Feb 2018

Tash York tries to figure out life without asking her mum for help in this musical comedy about how to be an adult. If you've ever had chicken nuggets for dinner, or ignored a parking ticket for a little too long, this is a show speaking to you.

Adulting seems tailored to the parents of millennials rather than to the younger crowd it is satirising. York is witty but also wacky for the sake of it. And, her comedic cover versions have a bit too much polish to be relatable. While the content is sometimes quite personal, it also hits a few strange notes emotionally.

The struggle of millennials tackling grown-up problems is a popular cabaret subject that other performers have handled with more charm – Luna Eclipse’s Adult-ish comes to mind. This take on millennial entitlement comes across as somewhat generic and impersonal. York is a talented singer but her performance in Adulting feels ultimately insincere.

Adulting, Gluttony, 22-25th Feb, 8pm, $15-$25