Blanc de Blanc

Blanc de Blanc is full of sparkle

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Blanc de Blanc
Published 22 Feb 2018

It's clear tonight that Blanc de Blanc's production values are high; the show is sleek, sultry and sexy. Variety entertainment powerhouse Strut & Fret are one of the biggest names in the business, and Blanc de Blanc – a show that's now been run for over two years – has the fizz and glamour to match.

Champagne is the showcase's clear inspiration, and so the acts which play on bubbles are a delight. It keeps the crowd in good spirits (so to speak). The impressively choreographed contortion and breakdance routine, effortlessly pulled off by Shun Sugimoto, is a highlight. The hoop set by Jess Mews is one of the tightest around (even with a dropped prop), and the penultimate duo straps piece – by couple Hampus Jansson and Milena Straczynski – is exquisite.

It's a high energy show with performers at their peak, though for some it might be nothing they haven't seen before – and not every act hits the spot (one vocal duet is unfortunately quite piercing). This audience is lapping up every drop, however; it's the kind of show whose interval can catch you off guard (has it already been half way?), thanks in no small part to Spencer Novich's irreverent, self-aware banter between the acts.

Despite its tendency to occasionally veer into slight cliché, Blanc de Blanc is a captivating and effervescent spectacle that's always up for a good time.