Review: Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered

An accessible, intersectional exploration of the non-male experience in modern society

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Friendly Feminism for the Mild Mannered
Published 16 Feb 2020

Millicent Sarre is bubbly, charismatic and has the voice of a Disney princess. With her full band behind her, she cracks into original songs which outline feminist stereotypes, discuss sexual assault and consent, and give practical tips on how to be a better ally to those less privileged than you.

The songs are catchy (including an enthusiastically-consented sing-a-long) but they also explore pertinent issues based on Sarre's own life experience. Interspersed are small monologues which discuss the importance of allyship, cultural paradigm shifts and the hypocrisy in victim blaming – "If we can teach girls what to plan for, why can't we teach boys not to be predators?"

What's interesting about Sarre's approach is how accessible and inclusive it is. She so clearly identifies and checks her own privileges in the show, and acknowledges her vulnerability, without downplaying her own lived experience. She strikes a commanding balance between uplifting others and acknowledging her setbacks which is incredibly endearing.

Sarre has presented an intensive Feminism-101 cabaret with heart, genuine experience and an emotional rallying cry.