Review: Baby Bi Bi Bi

An original cabaret with a huge queer heart

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Baby Bi Bi Bi
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Published 24 Feb 2019

Baby Bi Bi Bi is dedicated to all the questions bisexual women ask themselves and all the questions they wish they didn’t get asked.

With original songs including 'Do I Wanna Be You (Or Do I Wanna Fuck You)' and 'Salad with the Girls, But in a Gay Way' it’s a fun hour that is sharply directed and choreographed. 

Annabel Larcombe, Erin Pattison and Samantha Andrew show an emotional range and affecting performances. Their anger, awkwardness, grief and pain hit the crowd hard. In a piece about coming out to their families the audience remains pin-drop quiet throughout. But Baby Bi Bi Bi strikes a perfect balance between the sincere and the ridiculous – after the tears are wiped away comes the screaming laughter. 

This is a slick performance with a fun, bright and cohesive cast. Baby Bi Bi Bi is a brilliantly written snapshot of queer culture post-plebiscite: still raw but unapologetically out and proud.