Review: Hans: Like a German

Fringe ambassador Hans scoots in for a decadent evening of pleasure

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Hans: Like a German
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Published 02 Mar 2019

After a decade of entertaining Fringe goers, Hans is still very much a 'man of the people'. So much so, that he arrives on stage riding the people’s choice of transport for 2019: the Lime scooter, with helmet to match.


Just one lap around the stage and Hans already has the entire audience joyously swinging from his coat tails – or in this case lederhosen straps – eager to devour an hour of ad-lib comedy.


For a show backboned by hit pop songs, Hans’ singing has minimal impact on the sweeping enjoyment of his performance. As he delves – sometimes groin first – into audience participation, we have to buckle up for the kind of intimacy and humiliation that’s generally reserved for a dysfunctional family’s boozy christmas.


Friendships are formed and forgotten, love blossoms and bursts, and a few drunk uncles are randomly dragged from the audience onto the stage for a surprise competition.


With outfits handmade by his mum, a much-loved live band, and a dissection of comments from social media trolls, this is an hour of witty and wrinkle inducing humour.


If you’re craving someone to hit those high notes, move along. If you’re craving an uproarious leader to take you into a night of debaucherous group karaoke with a bunch of middle-aged women in a tent, then scrape a Lime scooter off the sidewalk and roll on down to Gluttony, cos it's showtime.