A colourful and daring display of femininity in a modern age

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Published 07 Mar 2019

With enough sass to drown a drag queen, YUMMY DELUXE is a riotous night out celebrating all things femme. This extravaganza isn’t tied together with an overarching narrative, rather it is an open, safe space for the varied performers to create and perform their own styles of feminine expression.

And there are some incredibly fierce acts in this spectacle. Jarred Dewey steals the show with his impeccable devil trapeze routine in the centre of the room. He is beautiful, he is raw and he is controlled. With stilettos as red as his lips he twists and falls again and again with ease and grace.

Hannie Helsden channels I Dream of Jeannie for her hoop routine which has some fumbles, but closes on an incredibly impressive split. She returns for a golden pole routine which makes a nice tongue-in-cheek reference to the gender pay gap and female financial independence. Joni in the Moon brings a stillness with her sweeping vocals and message of intersectionality. She is a strong life force in the room with a motherly, safe air about her.

The hostess for the evening, Valerie Hex, undertakes multiple costume changes, brings her attitude along with her heels and can easily bring a crowd together to celebrate womanhood in all its forms.