Four Glamorous Ways to Avoid Heatstroke

Adelaide can be nightmarishly hot during the festival season but there are ways to keep your cool

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Published 08 Feb 2019
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How to Avoid Heatstroke

You don’t have to let the unprecedented spikes in temperature caused by greenhouse gas emissions and the reckless burning of fossil fuels cramp your style. You can still be the embodiment of pure glamour for the duration of the festival season all while avoiding heatstroke.

Stay cool, look cool

If you are planning to see a show during the day or early evening you should always Slip, Slop, Slap. To be extra careful, Seek (shade) and Slide (on a pair of sunnies).

Make sure you don’t slide on any old kind of sun protective gear though. Don't be spotted at The Garden of Unearthly Delights this year wearing a legionnaires hat or the kind of slatted eyewear made famous by Kanye West. Opt instead for a pair of tasteful retro-yet-modern cat eye sunglasses.

Late's great

Catching late-night shows is a great way to avoid the worst of the heat and has the added advantage of being inherently more glamorous. If it is possible to find a late-night show which features jazz music, then this would be ideal. Coolness levels off the charts.

Thirst place

Keep your fluids up. There is free water available at the entrance to The Garden but if you prefer drinking water in a glass with ice in it, all bars are pretty much legally obligated to offer. Just remember alcohol dehydrates!

For the fans

Ask one of the front of house staff very nicely if they will fan you with palm leaves when queuing for a show. It is unlikely that they will agree to this; you could always use discarded Fringe flyers for a more makeshift chic. 

If you follow these handy steps you should be able to emerge on the other side of the festival season having avoided the horrible side-effects of being in the sun too long. Like getting a heat headache, or developing that disgusting kind of sunburn where you can actually peel slivers of dead skin off your shoulders. Instead, be faint and lost for words from seeing excellent shows.