Rose Callaghan: Will You Accept This Rose?

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Rose Callaghan
Published 26 Feb 2018

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette reality game shows feel like easy targets for cheap jokes about bogans and dumb blondes. Rose Callaghan takes some of those quick laughs early on in Will You Accept This Rose? through some slides recapping the franchise, complete with voiceover from the host himself Osher Gunsberg. 

Callaghan takes a while to warm up but hits her stride when she starts to weave her own experiences of meeting contestants from the show in real life, and the audience takes glee in her fandom. But, weaker material on trolling follows this and includes some fantastically ill-thought jokes on mental health – and these jokes do not fit the narrative of the show.

She redeems herself in part through the second half as she regales us with stories from her own dating life; with relatable and often hilarious Tinder encounters, one-night-stands gone wrong and relationship disasters. Here the material becomes far more engaging and clever, and the audience are far more invested. 

It’s a shame Callaghan didn’t build the whole hour around this.