Fran Middleton – Franny Pack

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Published 25 Feb 2018
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Fran Middleton: Franny Pack

Fran Middleton’s Franny Pack is not an adventure for backseat viewers – she’s in your face, eccentric and absurd, even when her jokes don’t always take off. She's not put off by a tough crowd; aided by an array of music to suit each mood, and a few unusual props, she persists with her seemingly random yet flowing skits.

Changing moods and characters with every movement her energy bounces off the walls. Her uncanny tangents resemble something of Sam Simmons' style. Some might call this idiotic; the more open minded would find it weird and wonderful.

Her mannerisms are what get the giggles and there’s no avoiding her intense eye contact that traces the room. It’s the discomfort she draws on that fuels her performance. She thrives off those in the front row regretting their seat choice. Though with her loving mother persona, she wins them over like everyone else.