The Guilty Feminist Podcast

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The Guilty Feminist Podcast
Published 25 Feb 2018

'Podcasts are radio that no one stops you making,' Deborah Frances-White tells the audience opening tonight’s The Guilty Feminist Podcast. It’s a quick welcome to the long-running format incorporating feminist discussion with standup comedy.

Frances-White is joined by co-host for the evening, Claire Hooper, who more than holds her own. They are later joined by Tessa Waters who adds bright vivaciousness to the show at the point where it begins to grow tired. Tonight’s show is a discussion of the financial pressures faced by women. "When they say they’re talking about money," Hooper quips, "I hope it’s for a long time. Because it’s boring." But while Hooper gets a hearty laugh, money is the perfect topic for a show presented in a highly competitive festival where artists play a high-stakes game to share their stories.

The Guilty Feminist Podcast feels like a late-night variety show in a prime time slot. It’s messy, conversational and best consumed with friends. Those not familiar with the show are right to grow restless during numerous fumbles blamed on jet-lag, but this remains an entertaining night out for fans.

The Guilty Feminist Podcast, The Royalty Theatre, run ended