Tom Walker – Honk Honk Honk Honk Honk

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Tom Walker
Published 03 Mar 2018

Those who are uninitiated to the madness that is Tom Walker may be a little confused by his bizarre style of comedy. Although a mindless hour of silly comedy is what was promised, and, overall, is what he delivers.

Walker's shows are often prop-dependent and this one is no different. He thrusts a keyboard and mouse into the hands of an unknowing audience member as we enter the room, and the game that person is tasked to play acts as both an effective engagement tool and a primer for the show's random nature. Another strong element is when Walker magically becomes larger as the audience members close their eyes; a gag which he returns to later in the piece.

Interactions between the audience and Walker often hit the mark, but there's a lot at stake when someone doesn't want to play ball. As with last year's Beep Boop, the voiceover narration drives the show, though some sound cue issues leave Walker covering himself with off-the-cuff banter. However, making sure to exit before the crowd, Walker ensures he leaves a lasting impression on the balustrade.