Marcel Blanch- de Wilt: Love + Cordial

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Marcel Banch- De Wilt
Published 04 Mar 2018

Marcel Blanch- de Wilt hits the adorable 80s revival aesthetic hard in this endearing standup show at The Producers. A mainstay of Fringe comedy, his experience shows – even as he seems to be stumbling through life in need of a cute sweater and someone to feed him cake. 

Love + Cordial takes the form of a personal narrative following a breakup, and has a more theatrical flavour than more typically observational standup routines. Blanch- de Wilt has good comedic craft and his style is understated. There are few huge laughs, but this is mainly due to him shying away from easy punchlines.

Asphyxiation becomes a real threat in the tiny upstairs venue which struggles to accomodate the audience he has drawn tonight. The awkward moron persona he adopts is sweet and likeable. Blanch- de Wilt is relatable and, like a friend, a pleasure to spend an hour with.