Jude Perl: Let's Hang Out

Mixing cabaret and standup, Jude Perl is a charming, honest and talented performer to watch

comedy review (adelaide) | Read in About 1 minute
Published 18 Feb 2018
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Jude Perl Let's Hang Out

Jude Perl explores the pitfalls of being an adult who is not quite a grown-up. When your peers are having children, getting married or living in their own place, what if you’re still in a share house (not sad, just practical) and the only things in the fridge are off-milk and broccoli? 

Perl’s self-deprecating humour gets her audience on side, but it’s both the overt and subtle discussion of anxiety and mental health that drives the narrative of Let’s Hang Out. Such as the expectations, jealousy and desires that we all feel but don't always voice; like being jealous of the attention given to babies when we’re feeling discarded, and the pressure we feel to always be more than what we are.

Some of the transitions between standup and song are a little awkward, but they also speak to Perl’s charming honesty as a performer. She displays true talent in this show, gaining the audience’s trust early so we’re willing to follow her to whatever unexpected place she takes us next.