Louise Reay: Eraserhead

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Louise Reay
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Published 04 Mar 2018

Louise Reay had a show for Adelaide but it was banned, then she planned another one but that was scrapped under advice from her lawyer. Eraserhead is the third in this 'trilogy' and pursues her interest in censorship and oppression.

With this being a work in progress, Eraserhead is still a bit rough around the edges and the pieces need a touch more stiching together. However, she still creates an interesting platform to discuss important topics. In one of the many strong sections she contrasts how we censor ourselves in different situations to the way that we can be censored on a larger scale.

There's some touching and funny original poetry, spliced together with unique usage of video (Reay is also a documentary maker). By the end of Eraserhead, Reay has used standup, mime, poetry, music and film to explore the different ways freedom can be expressed and repressed, both in daily life and in greater society. While the material is a little underdeveloped, overall, this is a show with a lot of potential.