Review: Amy Hetherington: Where They Hide The Crazy

Laconic laughs and self-acceptance

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Amy Hetherington
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Published 27 Feb 2019

Amy Hetherington is looking to recruit people to move to the Northern Territory. But it can’t be just anyone, they have to be the right kind of crazy. 

The NT is the target of many jokes from the rest of the country and Hetherington does not shy away from it. In fact she celebrates all the things that make her home town of Darwin the truly cooked place it is.

From the infamous front pages of The NT News to jokes about butt sweat, Hetherington is self-effacing about the territory and all the stereotypes that go with it. The broader message of Where They Hide The Crazy is one of self-acceptance: Darwin gives Hetherington the confidence and ability to be the truest version of herself, and she invites the audience to accept the mad feelings within ourvelves as our own. 

Not everything in this show flows and the narrative gets muddied at times. Yet, Hetherington, with her laconic drawl and laid back confidence, is an easy comic to love.