Review: Odette: Baby Daddy!

A magnificently performed show despite an underwhelming script

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Odette: Baby Daddy!
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Published 05 Mar 2019

Marina Margarita is ‘Odette’: a heavily pregnant cleaning lady who has a propensity to belt out improvised pop ballads and spends her days romanticising the cast from the Bold and the Beautiful.

This one-woman-show is fast-paced and sublimely awkward. It’s mostly a pleasure to watch Margarita literally mop up the stage with her hilarious facial expressions and purposefully uncomfortable interactions with the audience.

Unfortunately, the performance relies too heavily on these interactions and runs the risk of quickly deflating if the wrong participant is chosen.

While there are a handful of hilariously scripted moments, as a whole the show lacks unity and it’s obvious the script is underdeveloped.

In saying that, Margarita’s performance carries the show right through til the end. Her singing – even with the exaggerated twang of the Aussie accent – is alluring and the lyrics are delivered with impeccable comedic timing.

It’s worth going just to witness Margarita perfectly embody a fan-crazed cleaning lady who’s falling for a fictionalised TV star, all while she’s on the precipice of giving birth.