Review: Sam Bowden

An underdeveloped array of hedonistic stories

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Sam Bowden: The Epicurean Shark
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Published 16 Feb 2019

Sam Bowden uses animalistic examples while following the premise of his show on Epicureanism. Essentially it's a philosophy similar to hedonism: do what makes you happy, but don’t go overboard with it.

He starts by talking about his Nan and mother and slowly begins to delve into more insane life stories. He tests the audience as he talks about racism and pro-weed rallies before moving on to his 'crazy' Scottish friend who knows all the best places to party in Edinburgh.

Open and honest, Bowden shares his experiences with relatability. This comes across best in his stories, and lessons learned, about drug use and the fluidity of sexuality.

However, The Epicurean Shark has an unfinished feel. This is a shame as Bowden is an engaging speaker but tonight he loses the audience at times. It's more like simply sitting with Bowden in a pub and listening to him chat rather than an epicurean experience or allowing him to go fully into ideas about the value of happiness.