Review: Stamptown Comedy Night

The weekend starts early with Stamptown's all-star line-up

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Published 24 Feb 2019

An onlooker would usually be right to be sceptical of a Thursday-only late night variety show. However, they would be missing out on one of the best curated and enjoyable experiences at the Fringe.

Stamptown provides a snapshot of great and different acts from all across their roster of talents and friends. And delivers them gathered together in a single tent.

Hosted by the Zach Zucker and Josh Glanc (who tonight fills in for Zucker's usual comedy partner Viggo Venn), the pair expertly keep the hype going in between the acts.

Containing something for everyone, there is the more traditional killer standup from Ange Lavoipierre, high energy sketches from Double Denim and Garry Starr, and even room to fit in acrobatics and circus from Basketball Man and Cirque Alfonse – with the truly absurd styling from Belinda Anderson-Hunt and Cal Harris.

Through tight and polished performances it is clear that every act tonight is bringing their A-Game. The night is testament to the quality Stamptown bring to the Fringe and makes Thursday nights feel like the weekend.