Review: Super Woman Money Program

Super Woman Money Program ambitiously tackles gendered financial inequality

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Super Woman Money Program
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Published 07 Mar 2019

Elizabeth Davie’s one-woman show takes its name from an email she once received from her superannuation fund. In the email, the fund paid lip-service addressing the disparity between Australian mens’ and womens’ superannuation. Then it went on on to list several ways women could help grow their superannuation fund. They could, for example, refrain from shopping when feeling emotional.

This kind of corporate condescension is ripe for satire. Davie liberally peppers her show, which for the most part examines the emotional-financial trajectory of her own life, with suggestions from the email. She performs these in character, as a smilingly sinister spokesperson for the fund. All the suggestions, Davie assures us, were recommended to her by an unnamed Australian financial institution.

Davie performs some parts of the show in a deliberately over-the-top persona, singing along tunelessly with campy classic hits. But the show blossoms into the truly interesting when she returns to her main theme in straightforward terms. These parts are hysterically funny delivered by Davie –and she's also telling us about the tragedy of financial inequality in Australia.