Review: The Establishment: Le Bureau de Strange

Strange occurrences at The National Wine Centre

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The Establishment
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Published 04 Mar 2019

Le Bureau de Strange is exactly that: strange. 

From the minds of Dan Lees and Neil Frost comes an absurdist sketch show. And The Establishment have an unrivalled charm as well as unpredictable comedy, with the duo easily getting everyone onboard with their brand of chaos. It becomes obvious early on that the hour doesn’t follow a normal structure. 

They enhance their surrealism with improv techniques and bring the audience into some non-intrusive participation. The combo create unforeseen twists and, sometimes, drastic shifts in mood to keep everyone on their toes.

Their unique blend of styles gives the show a loose and free flowing feel. It's to their advantage as they have clearly mastered riding this flow, pushing what works to its limits, while quickly skipping over what doesn’t. 

Once the tempo of the show is established, watching them improvise and have fun is just as much a pleasure as the sketches themselves. It is definitely a show for the more adventurous and for fans of the bizarre.