Review: Two Little Dickheads

You'd have to be a real dickhead to not like this show.

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Sharnema Nougar and David Tieck are Two Little Dickheads
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Published 26 Feb 2019

Two Little Dickheads is a colourful goofball fest by comedians Sharnema Nougar and David Tieck. Directed by the amazing clowning powerhouse Tessa Waters of the Fringe Wives Club, this sweeping dramatic tale about the final day before earth is destroyed by a diamond encrusted meteorite is cringey, ridiculous and gratingly fun.

Apart from the meteorite, these sparkly dickheads are committed to making zero impact – it's bio-glitter! Somehow this show just works even though it has no budget and only the most fleeting glimpses of sincerity. These little dickheads are smug and exasperating but they are also determined that everyone will have a happy ending.

If the world were ending, it would be a joy to spend the last hours with these lovely dickheads. This jovial, trivial, troublesome pair clearly have a good time when they are on a rampage together.

They weren't aiming for genuine insight with this show, which is good, because it certainly isn't where they ended up. It is pretty loosely performed but its strength is really in how tenuously thought out it is. Even at the end of the world there's always time for some pegging.