Adelaide 2019: Circus Top Picks

Don't worry about jumping through hoops to find the best circus shows this season: we've done it for you.

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Published 04 Feb 2019


After winning the Adelaide Fringe Award for Best Circus in 2018, Head First Acrobats are back with yet another raunchy riot. This time they are in the land of the cowboy. Thinly veiled sexual innuendo and double entendres galore take centre stage in a steamy, homoerotic and energetic display of narrative nonsense.

Gluttony – The Octagon, 15 Feb-17 Mar (not Mon), 9:30pm.

LIFE - The Show

From the creators of Blanc de Blanc and FUN HOUSE comes a brand new spectacle celebrating all things life. Following the too-familiar tale of love and heartbreak, LIFE – The Show explores hedonism through clown, acrobatics and full-frontal nudity. If you think you know circus, think again.

The Garden of Unearthly Delights – Fortuna Spiegeltent, 15 Feb-17 Mar (not Mon), 8:30pm.

Social Staples

What holds society together? What can you do with the things that are always in the back of your pantry? How could these things possibly be connected? Na Djinang Circus intertwine the personal stories of six performers while using pantry staple items to mirror the building blocks of contemporary society.

Gluttony – Empire Theatre, 5-17 Mar (not Mon), 6pm


This all-female crew of boss-ass queens is ready to smash the stereotypes of circus. Not afraid to get into some hairy situations, the crew is here to showcase the female form in all its strong, bold beauty. Presented by Madhouse Circus and Point & Flex Circus, these fierce role models for young girls celebrate women’s achievements and the importance of supporting each other. 

Tandanya Theatre, 6-17 Mar (not 11 & 12), 8pm.

Out Of Chaos…

Adelaide locals Gravity & Other Myths are back with a brand new circus extravaganza. After worldwide success with Backbone and A Simple Space, Out of Chaos… is set to be one of the biggest acrobatic performances of the season. Known for exploiting the 'hyper-proximity' between performers, prepare for what is sure to be an elegant and moving display of the human body.

The University of Adelaide – Scott Theatre, 27 Feb-6 Mar, various times.


Born in Berlin’s underground, ANALOG the company are newcomers to the Adelaide Fringe but sure to impress. The physical performers are paired and driven by live drums and vocals through a seemingly infinite display of ‘grand finales’. Paying homage to film stunts, the underground and traditional circus, FINALE wows audiences with a mass of fog, confetti and lights.

Gluttony – The Peacock, 15 Feb-17 Mar (not Mon), 8pm.

Casting Off

Think there’s an age cut-off for circus? Let Casting Off prove you wrong. A Good Catch comprises of a three-generational troupe who smash age and gender stereotypes in a heartwarming show set to the soundscape of modern life. These gutsy women won the Total Theatre Award for Circus: Edinburgh Fringe 2018 with their comically canny personal and political tales.

Gluttony – Ukiyo, 5-17 Mar (not 13), 6pm.


Award winning company Casus Circus pose the question: Are we bound by our DNA? This beautiful coalescence of traditional and modern circus, paired with heart-stopping moments, explores what makes an individual. Juxtaposing dance and circus to create an art form that is entirely neither, DNA is sure to confront destiny in the most delicate of ways.

Tandanya Theatre, 15 Feb-3 Mar (not Mon & Tue), 9:30pm.