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Cirque Alfonse
Photo by Guillaume Morin
Published 19 Feb 2018

Quebec company Cirque Alfonse are back in town with TABARNAK. Those who loved Barbu of years gone past will not be disappointed with this new show. The material and music are fresh, but the stunts are just as hair-raising. In keeping with the title, there's an almost constant play on the symbols and traditions of the church throughout the piece. The symbols are tongue in cheek; a hauntingly beautiful French chant while rollerskates are being strapped on, a crucified figure atop two others, a stained glass window which holds one aloft yet crushes another.

Being a new show, there are some spots that could run smoother and unfortunately it seems as though the troupe would be more comfortable and safer in a larger, higher tent. However, the final Chinese pole act is fantastic enough to make the trip worth it, and the vibrant, infectious spirit of the group will put a smile on any audience member's face.

The Cirque Alfonse crew are known for going all-out and having a ball while doing it. This isn't the most polished circus show on the circuit, but it stands out as one of the most fun.