dance review (adelaide) | Read in About 1 minute
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Photo by Suzon Fuks
Published 25 Feb 2018

Bound in white cloths exposing only select limbs, seemingly fragmented bodies scale the floor... This is just the beginning of a gripping hour which pushes the boundaries of femininity in circus.

From the first scene you'll hope these artists have warmed up, because the power and flexibility of the acrobatics can make those of us sat still squirm with tension. It is not quite as spectacular as some circus acts, but it’s impressive.

Their bodies, either intertwined or in sync, carry out acts in a less than familiar fashion with faces always covered, and as this reduces their sight it makes their feats all the more admirable. Throughout the show each woman’s identity trickles to the audience in an unorthodox celebration of the feminine body. It's a challenge to misconceptions. Each act builds on each other and unravels a story, stripping back the layers of femininity.

Some routines do seem like time fillers though. And in contrast to the intensity the rest of performance this unfortunately dilutes the Monsteria as a whole.