Review: Laser Kiwi

A stupidly fun circus show from Laser Kiwi

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Laser Kiwi by Colossal circus company.
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Published 07 Mar 2019

Laser Kiwi sets a fast pace through a battery of wacky circus skits and fooling around. Performers Imogen Stone, Zane Jarvie and Degge Jarvie from Colossal circus company are a talented group of proud kiwis here to fly their chosen 'Laser Kiwi' flag in front of the world - or Adelaide, close enough. Luckily the audience embraces the inane vibe and are quickly pulled into a stream of ridiculous hijinks.

This show only reinforces the impression that New Zealand is stuck in the 90s: a time when this writer was still in primary school, where the stilted presentation style and activity sheets would make more sense. The occasional sincerity and preamble is out of place in a show that hinges on terrible puns and failed feats of stupidity.

Stone is the stand out in both circus skills and comedic style, her aerial performance and acrobatics are masterful but not over-performed. Laser Kiwi isn't so much 'in development' as it is just a list of ideas. Some are good, most are deliberately bad, but the audience is behind them anyway demanding that even the lamest gags go on.