Review: Out Of Chaos...

Out Of Chaos… highlights the way that we seek to find meaning and understanding in a chaotic world

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Gravity and Other Myths: Out of Chaos
Published 04 Mar 2019

Stunning and synchronised choreography juxtaposes with chaotic moments where people fly through the air. They land onto shoulders or drop into arms across the stage.

This contrast of disarray and poise drives the show. The choreography is fluid and an effective representation of the connection between people and our attempts to understand one anot her.

Musician Ekram Eli Phoenix is impeccably dressed. Onstage for the duration of the piece, he flits between the acrobats with his microphone sampling and looping their inner thoughts to ethereal melodies and choral blends.

Phoenix’s music is well suited to the work, if the spoken word looping becomes difficult to follow at times, moving from the chaotic to disorienting.

Gravity & Other Myths have a particular style of choreography which focuses on the closeness of the acrobats rather than relying on props. And it is this unique style which makes the interconnectedness message of Out Of Chaos… so clear.