Review: RAILED

Without pretending to be anything they’re not, these boys put on one hell of a show

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Published 24 Feb 2019

Head First Acrobats won the Adelaide Fringe Award in 2018 for Best Circus, and RAILED does not fail to live up to expectations. Loosely hinged together by a train holdup narrative, these boys shock and seduce everyone in the audience. Tom Gorham plays a very convincing drunk after a little bit too much celebrating, and becomes the butt of all juggling jokes, which held up the pace of the acts a number of times. A moveable bar becomes the centrepiece of the first half – a suitable and well-used piece of hardware.

The regular circus acts are there with a Western edge, but something new for Head First Acrobats is Adam O’Connor-McMahon, who chooses one lucky member of the audience to ride off into the spotlight-glare with him after a surprisingly sexy diablo routine. Equine romance is hilariously highlighted through clown, dance and a sleek straps routine by Harley Timmermans.

Although the storyline really only presents itself at the beginning and end, the sheer eroticism expressed by these boys is astounding. Grab your chaps and your neckties but leave the kids at home.