Review: Escape The Tiki Room!

A satisfying and culturally aware experience

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Escape the Tiki Room
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Published 26 Feb 2019

Tiki bars can be a lot of fun. They're also guilty of gross cultural appropriation. And, after entering this one, you'll discover that your patronage has angered the gods of the South Pacific. To escape, you'll need to solve a series of clues and learn a bit more about those gods on the way.

This is the fourth time that Escape Room Treasure Hunt has come to the Adelaide Fringe and it's undoubtedly their best offering yet. While previous rooms have been plagued by some technical difficulties, Escape The Tiki Room! strikes the perfect balance between technological innovation and a good user experience.

The interior of the portable cabin looks great – gamesmaster Richard Maritzer has kitted it out with a range of pitch-perfect props – though any more than six participants would result in it being overly crowded.

Ingenious use of bluetooth connectivity allows seemingly unconnected objects throughout the room to interact. The puzzles, while fiendishly difficult, are still soluble. A success rate of approximately 20% speaks to their complexity, but with an inquiring mind this room is far from impossible – our mixed group of old hands and first-timers managed with time to spare.

All that's missing is a celebratory mai tai or navy grog on the menu at the adjoining Rob Roy Hotel.