Science Shows of Wonder

There are plenty of shows to make you laugh or cry and some that will zap, whizz and pop with scientific knowledge

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Published 26 Feb 2019
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Dinosaur Time Machine

Sir David and his Animals (all ages)

A real life nature documentary, Jess Clough-MacRae and Jonathan Tilley present animals from the Amazon to the Arctic in hilarious physical displays. Having studied at Lecoq theatre school in France, Clough-Macrae and Tilley will have you roaring and learning at the same time.

Bakehouse Theatre, 9-16 Mar, 4pm.

The Nature of Things (all ages)

Visual art has often drawn inspiration from the natural world, echoing textures, colours and shapes found in plants, stars and science. This exhibition includes a wide range of media including paintings and drawings, textiles, sculptures and woodwork. Over 30 artists’ work will be exhibited in a celebration nature.

Pepper Street Arts Centre, 28 Feb-16 Mar (not Sun, Mon), 12pm.

Escape Room: The Deadly Discovery (yrs 7+)

South Australian scientist Howard Florey has accidentally discovered a penicillin-resistant bacteria – will the audience find the formula and destroy it in time to save the world? Solve puzzles and crack codes to escape The Deadly Discovery!

Adelaide Escape Hunt, 28 Feb-15 Mar (not Sat, Sun, Mon), times vary

Kevin Quantum: Vanishing Point (yrs 16+)

With a PhD in Physics, if anyone can find the science in the discipline of magic it's Kevin Quantum. A member of the Scottish Magic Circle, he will confuse everything you thought you knew about the universe in a series of sci-fi inspired tricks.

The Garden of Unearthly Delights – The Factory, 28 Feb-17 Mar (not Mon), 7pm.

Dinosaur Time Machine (yrs 3-9)

For the little dinosaur enthusiast this show brings the audience up close and personal with a life size tyrannosaurus rex. Tactile and engaging, learn about the world as it was in the T-Rex’s time through circus, puppetry and imaginative play.

Gluttony – Ukiyo, 2-17 Mar (Sat and Sun only), 2pm.

Stirling Fringe – The Pocket, 28 Feb, 4:30pm.

The Alphabet of Awesome Science (yrs 6-13)

Cruise through the alphabet with professors Lexi Con and Noel Edge with new words, new experiments and new knowledge with every letter. Examine the world through exciting endeavours and learn more about how science can be found everywhere.

Gluttony – The May Worth, 2-17 Mar (Sat and Sun only), 4:30pm.

Charlie Caper – Robotricks (yrs 16+)

After winning Sweden’s Got Talent, Charlie Caper is back at the Fringe presenting robots so impressive they are indistinguishable from magic. Be amazed at the artificial intelligences and abilities – where does the technology end and the magic begin?

Gluttony – Masonic Lodge, 28 Feb-17 Mar (not Mon), 8:25pm.

Roaming Classroom for Rebel Girls (yrs 6-12)

Support your coding superstar in Code Like a Girl’s Roaming Classroom for Rebel Girls. In this two hour workshop, girls will get the basics of coding under their belt to make their own project or game. A creative space for young girls with STEM interests, this classroom is unlike any regular old school.

Australian Science and Mathematics School, 2-3 Mar, 10am and 1pm.