Kids Review: Fun House

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Fun House
Published 25 Feb 2018

A whirlwind of bright lights, stark colours and acrobatics, Strut & Fret's Fun House is a sickly-sweet adventure for the whole family. Hosted by renowned clowns Trygve Wakenshaw and Spencer Novich, there's something for everyone.

Kitty (aged 4) and Lulu (aged 3) talk us through it.

What did we just see?

Kitty: A show.

Do you remember what it was called?

K: No. [pause] A Fun House.

Who were the characters?

K: I don't know. Boys and girls.

What did they do on stage?

K: They danced. They danced like this.

Lulu (in the background showing off her dance moves): And they did this, and they did this!

Did you see the hula hoops?

K: Yes, I liked the hula hoops. I like the girl that was on that thing swinging.

L: I can do the hula hoops.

Would you tell other people to go?

K: Yeah.

L: What's your name?

I'm Laura, don't you remember me from last week?