Kids Reviews: Swamp Juice

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Published 03 Mar 2018
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Swamp Juice

Bunk Puppets create a magical (and sometimes, miraculously, 3D) shadowland in Swamp Juice. Somewhat of a collector, the intrepid protagonist finds and classifies the various creatures he meets on his journey through the swamp. Alex (aged 10) and Olivia (aged six) talk us through the production.


What just happened? What did we just see?

Olivia: We saw a crazy guy and we put on these glasses.


What did they do?

Olivia: They made stuff come out at us.

Alex: He pretended to chase the bird and get him.

Olivia: And he said he saw a caterpillar.


That wasn't a caterpillar, it was a snail!

Alex: Same thing.

Olivia: And then there was a snake, and he said it was a cat. He called the snake a cat!


Do you think he has a lot of talent?

Both: Yes!


Do you think other people would like it? Would you tell people to go along?

Alex: Of course.

Olivia: Yes!


Is there anything you think could be better?

Olivia: No.

Alex: If he wore shoes.

Olivia: Yeah!