Kids Reviews: ARRR We There Yet?!

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Published 04 Mar 2018
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Arrr we there yet

Three barely-competent pirates fight it out for captaincy over the Red Rubber Duckie in this physical comedy. The swashbuckling crew face haunted waters, a freak storm and a shipwreck before finally discovering the real treasure. Tyler (aged six) and Levi (aged four) came along for the ride.

What did we just see?

Tyler: ARRR We There Yet?!

Levi: The captain did backflips!

Was it cool?

Tyler: Yes.

Levi: You know that.

Tyler: The seesaw thing that you jump on was cool.

What was your favourite bit?

Tyler: The seesaw.

Levi: The backflip.

Tyler: I liked the ghost too, and I liked the person chasing the ghost, the vaccuum cleaner guy.

Do you think you would change anything?

Tyler: No, I had fun.

Levi: No.

Tyler: I would change it to make it more longer!

Would you change it so you got up on stage?

Tyler: They only took the people in the front on stage. They sure were lazy pirates.