Kids Review: JELLY OR JAM

Jascha Boyce of famed circus troupe Gravity & Other Myths, along with Joren Dawson, has created a spellbinding show for kids – filled with wobbly jelly. Fest turns to Miranda (age 10) and Harriet (age seven) to see if this really breaks the mould

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Jelly or Jam
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Published 05 Mar 2019

What did you think of the show?

Miranda: It was good, it was beautiful. It was sweet. It was very jelly.

Harriet: I did NOT know how they did tricks on the slippery floor!


How did it feel walking in the jelly after the show?

Both: Eewwwwgghh!!

M: It got stuck between my toes!

H: Me toooo, it was SO slippery!


What was your favourite part?

M: Probably when they were fighting over the jelly.

H: Yeah me too!


Is that like how you guys fight?

H: Nooo…. Fine, maybe yes. But no!


What did you think of the two performers?

M: Like jelly and jam. Most of the time it worked. Now that’s called a mic drop.

H: I liked it how she picked a random person but I think that was actually the person she was meant to be picking. Cos if she picked another person then they won’t be able to do it, so then it’ll be very very strange actually.


How would you describe the show in five words?

M: Sweet, beautiful, jammish, jellyish, peanut-butter.

H: Sweet… beautiful… sad… very strange. Okay, just strange…

M: “Just strange”, that’s two words!

H: Strange… scary. Scary because it was very slippery on the floor and I thought they were gonna fall down!