Review: Mr Snot Bottom's Horrible Terrible Really Really Bad Bad Show

With the help of his techninial... his tenanacia... his technician, Mr Snot Bottom celebrates the differences in others

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Published 24 Feb 2019
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Mr Snotbottom

Miranda (age 10) and Harriet (age seven) help Fest understand what is really really bad in this world

Did you like the show?

Miranda: "It was bad. It was really really bad. Well, I mean it was actually really really funny."

Harriet: "It was really funny but it was also kinda serious."

Miranda: "Seriously bad!"

Harriet: "The other man [the technician], he was kinda serious but then he liked Disney, so that was kinda funny!"

Miranda: "When they were serious it was like, 'Why are you doing this?' You can't stay serious for that long without cracking up laughing."

What were your favourite parts?

Harriet: "I like the start when he was like 'What's that? What's that?' [while trying to get dressed]"

Miranda: "I liked the quarantine." 

Harriet: "What's a quarantine? I liked it when he was getting dressed."


Would you recommend this show to your friends?

Miranda: "Yeah, I have a friend I would definitely recommend it to but she left the school!"

Why would you recommend it?

Miranda: "Because it's funny. It's seriously funny. Him trying to be funny is funny, he did a pretty good job."


How would you describe the show in five words?

Miranda: "Stupid, funny, seriously bad – which is one word – and terrible."

Harriet: "Really, really... Wait – is greatness a word? Greatness, great and good."