The Lost and Found Orchestra

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The Lost and Found Orchestra
Published 04 Mar 2018

Wildly creative, The Lost and Found Orchestra is a cacophony of humour, movement, rhythm and junk that would be at home in the world of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Delicatessen. From the creative team responsible for the global phenomenon that is Stomp, this was destined to be a Festival favourite.

It will take some time to digest the sheer size of this spectacle. We see hundreds of volunteers armed with lights and bells weaving through the huge crowd, countless musicians wielding saws, hand pumped water organs, rubbish bins of metal and plastic, shopping trolley organs, xylophones made of 3m planks of wood and four floors of drummers and choral singers.

Within the huge scale there is beauty hidden in tiny details – glass bottles, children’s toys like moo boxes and clapping monkeys, and whistling fireflies attached to the ends of fishing rods.

Possibly better suited to a large indoor venue than the open expanse of Elder Park, the dark staging, costumes and sound lag means subtleties are lost the further you're away from the stage.

Size and staging issues notwithstanding, the sheer ambition and joy of the performance guarantees The Lost and Found Orchestra will entertain and excite audiences around the world.