Choir of Man

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Choir of Man
Photo by Andy Phillipson
Published 25 Feb 2018

The vibe inside the tent is electric, yet incredibly welcoming. Some of the performers greet audience members on arrival, and choose a select few to join them onstage for a brew before the show begins. The opening number welcomes us to this pub – 'The Jungle' – with a brilliant cover of the Guns N' Roses classic. The very skilled Ben Norris – a UK Slam Poet champion – hosts the evening with wit, charm and a lovely message about the importance of men having a space to speak freely.

As the cast members are introduced, they tell their tales of being heartbroken, being hurt and moving forwards. Underlying their incredible harmonies is a beautiful display of mateship and support between friends, which is increasingly important in the current social climate. These guys are presented as loving, emotional human beings who express themselves freely – something their frequent audience interactions illustrate time and time again.

An absolute blast of a show, Choir of Man has heart, soul, and some damn talented vocalists, while providing a necessary counterpoint in today's rapidly evolving discourse around gender and mental health.