Review: Adelaide Techno Convention

The best of local electronic music

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Adelaide Techno Convention
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Published 24 Feb 2019

Tucked away in what feels like a quiet corner of the Fringe, the Adelaide Techno Convention has curated three days and nights of performances showcasing the best of local electronic music. This, the first night, plays host to an ambient introspective of trance music and screen at RCC's Union Cinema. Adelaide has always had a strong roster of globally recognised DJs and this really shows in the two extraordinary performances by Pallasites and Antony Coppens.

For the first session two large gongs are suspended and play centre stage, enhancing the ethereal rhythms generated by a performer behind a wall of electronic equipment. Supporting both acts is a big screen montage of stock film, graphic art and classic movies compiled by visual artist Tangent 23. Impossible to fault, Pallasites' performance is mesmerising.

Only when the visuals employ a few well known classic sci-fi clips is the dream state ever threatened with a sense of the familiar. There is a strong sense of calm surrounding audience members as they file out between the two meditative sets and conversations are gentle and considered.

Leaving the ambient calm behind, the Adelaide Techno Convention will now bring the levels and beats back up and take the party to venues across the city including Cry Baby, Lotus Lounge and RCC's Attic. Based on the quality on show tonight, the event should grow and receive the attention it deserves.