Review: Ella Hooper

A crowd that want to get up and dance

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Ella Hooper
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Published 24 Feb 2019

Friendly, welcoming banter and a set packed with favourites and Australian premieres, there is no way Ella Hooper is ever going to disappoint her fans.

The group in front of us are committed fans sporting old tour t-shirts and loving the intimate setting. Looking around the room you quickly get the feeling that they are not alone. The music is a catchy blend of Americana, 70s alt rock and 80s party that manages to lift and change direction every time you think you know where it's going. This effect and Hooper's genuine desire to connect keep the audience captivated throughout the performance.

The Spiegeltent is a great place to escape the heat and see a band, though tight scheduling means that 60 minutes comes and goes far too quickly. Both band and audience alike would have enjoyed the whole experience more if the crowd didn't have to be seated. The feeling that the audience wants to get up and dance is palpable and more than once you can see Hooper and the band pick up on this frustration.

Anyone less professional might be thrown, but Hooper continues to delight in sharing intimate and funny moments of her life between songs, and closes with a number of new tracks that spark the crowd and bring home the energy and momentum.

Run ended.