Review: Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir

A sermon that plays as well as preaches

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Reverend Billy
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Published 04 Mar 2019

You first encounter Reverend Billy greeting his congregation on the steps of his church in a hot pink suit, crocodile smile, and an eye for sin. Not the sin of unholy sexual desire, but the rampant destruction and degradation caused by our modern capitalist consumer society. 

Supporting his passionate call for change, the Stop Shopping Choir challenges the audience between sermons about the poison of unchecked consumption and the virtues of consumer abstinence. Reverend Billy’s sermons don’t drag, they are passionate and to the point and although the message is heavy the pace, accompanying choir and musical arrangements keeps it positive and full of energy.  

The Stop Shopping Choir is initially loose and its messages are sometimes lost in the choral arrangements but they quickly tighten as the themes develop and individual strengths emerge. Between the choir performances, the audience is entertained by solo vocalists, showcasing the talent and depth of this impressive group.

An important message delivered by a performance filled with passion, rhythm and soul.