Ukulele Death Squad

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Ukulele Death Squad
Published 19 Feb 2018

Dressed as if they were regulars in the below deck Titanic party, the four men of the Ukulele Death Squad take the stage. Their opening number is reminiscent of a barbershop quartet, clearly showcasing their vocal abilities. Their lyrics, however, are aimed at the funny bone.

With three ukuleles, a saxophone and a flute, the group present original songs amidst a varied collection of modern and classical music. Their boyish charm wins over the audience, and the chemistry between them is obvious. A sold-out show means a tight fit in the venue, but just enough room to bop around to the beat.

The sheer talent and vivacious nature of the boys is clearly apparent as they dance, croon and play their way into the audience's hearts. Their rendition of Hall of the Mountain King is beyond impressive, and the mega mash-up to finish the show is a great display of the fluidity of music and the variety across the band itself.

Ukulele Death Squad, The Grace Emily Hotel, various dates, various times, $18-$22