Post Dining Bite Sized

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Post Dining Bite Sized
Published 03 Mar 2018

In Mayan cosmology the roots, trunk and canopy of the Ceiba tree represent the three planes of existence. Post Dining’s latest offering is broken into similar categories with three courses that feature a range of insects, seeds and leaves.

The servers are pointedly silent and, instead of conversation, the meal is accompanied by projections of natural environments and songs which are paired with each course. The solemnity of Famous Blue Raincoat is somewhat undercut by the sound of cheers and funk bass from next door, but the later offerings drown that out.

The food is delivered in a theatrical manner. It is perhaps on the verge of pretentious at times, but it’s a welcome chance to try some unusual foodstuffs – including a wide variety of native ingredients. Each of the course's contents are described before it arrives, so there are no tricks, but there are still plenty of surprises.

Succulent sea blight pops in the mouth with a wave of saltiness that’s washed away by a deliciously sweet, juicy slice of nectarine.

It’s a welcome reminder that you don’t need to rely exclusively on unusual ingredients to create an interesting experience. And that’s exactly what this is – an experience that’s interesting without being truly satisfying.