A gorgeous modern take on the mythological tale

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Published 17 Feb 2020

The second part of ‘a trilogy of myths’ performed by the Flanagan Collective, EURYDICE is a modern take on the original Greek mythological tale of the same name. ORPHEUS, then EURYDICE and finally THE GODS, THE GODS, THE GODS, make up the trilogy of myths all playing at the Black Box and Open Air Theatre in the Botanic Gardens at Adelaide Fringe.

In this tale Eurydice is Leni, a modern, strong, determined five-year-old choosing to wear her Superman uniform to school. As she grows and her story weaves within the original tale, we this time see the story told from Leni’s point of view, rather than the long-standing perspective of Orpheus.

This is a beautifully written and performed hour of original song woven through poetic rhyme. With enigmatic and loving storytelling, this show lands softly upon you as the sun sets over the rose garden in the Botanic Park. Droplets of humour permeate the seriousness of tragic love, as do well-known songs from the likes of Bruce Springsteen and Cyndi Lauper. The lyrical beauty has you hanging on every word, laughing along with Leni and standing tall right beside her as she finds her way.