In Bed With My Brother: We Are Ian

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Published 18 Feb 2018
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We are Ian

UK trio In Bed With My Brother have brought their experimental dance and physical theatre number We Are Ian to Gluttony’s Parasol Lounge, where an audience willingness to dance is almost an obligation.

A left-of-field take on the most superfluous and self-gratifying anti-establishment era – the late 1980s house music movement – We Are Ian bursts on stage like an assault rifle of party gallantry. However, much like the acid trip being replicating, the show includes its highs and lows.

An uppercut to Thatcherism – the show is soundtracked to damning underground club-classic “Maggie’s Last Party”, a track sampling Thatcher’s condemning statements – and set with a visual backdrop of foreboding political figures, past and present. It is both a resistance piece and a cautionary tale, but this conclusion can only be made by getting through 40 minutes of maniacal dancing, which becomes wearing. Unfortunately, with an hour long run time and a soundtrack cracked to around 100 decibels, the message falls on deafened ears.