A fresh take on an classic tale

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Published 18 Feb 2018

Orpheus is the love story of Dave and Eurydice. It imagines a young boy who thinks of smiles and hugs as superpowers. A boy who sings of the beauty in the world before the spark and creativity of youth are crushed by lad culture, and the colour is drained from his life by the need for conformity. 

Dave is, of course, Orpheus transplanted to the modern age and this performance pays tribute to the legendary musician and poet by telling the story of these two lovers through music and verse.

Keeping up a solid flow of poetry for the better part of an hour is tough and some segments are more gripping than others, but the musical leitmotifs on acoustic guitar are woven into the story well. 

You don't need to be familiar with Greek mythology to enjoy Orpheus – the story will become apparent. But even if you do know how it ends, it's skilfully delivered and keeps your attention on this warm and tender show.

Orpheus, Adelaide Botanic Garden, until 4 Mar (not Mondays), 7:45pm, $20-25