Review: Blaas

Affecting multi-sensory theatre for children and adults alike

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Photo by Karin Jonkers
Published 04 Mar 2019

'Blaas' can equally mean either blow or breath in Dutch, and this push and pull is integral to the exploration at the heart of Blaas. From humble beginnings a structure slowly increases in size, testing the trust of those beyond it. With time the audience shift from watching the inflatable structure to exploring it from inside, and it is here where the show gains pace, intensity and emotion. 

The sound composition and lighting are integral to the work, and beautiful humane touches are created by the performers which highlight the message behind the show. Some accessibility is required by audience members that is not communicated to the audience prior to the performance, and others may need to be aware of claustrophobic spaces. 

Blaas walks the line of the best work made for children and families, where adults may take away an entirely different message from that of their younger counterparts but both will be equally moved.

On one hand it is a multi-sensory exploration of space, on the other a highly affecting portrayal of the migration crisis. Either way, the audience leaves amazed that so much is possible from seemingly so little.