Review: Hugh Hughes presents Shôn Dale-Jones in THE DUKE

Achingly tender and wildly imaginative

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The Duke Hoipolloi image1 credit Brian Roberts
Photo by Brian Roberts
Published 27 Feb 2019

A slice of social commentary disguised as a wildly entertaining shaggy dog story, Shôn Dale-Jones performs THE DUKE with a sense of childlike wonder at the beauty, and occasional unfairness, in the world.

It’s a joyous flight of fancy populated by exquisitely described characters; brought to life through his endearing mannerisms and wonderfully expressive eyebrows. (And this is only part one of the trilogy, with the other two episodes also showing at this year's Fringe).

Dale-Jones regularly breaks off the story to address the audience and it’s impossible not to like the starry-eyed Welshman, such is his enthusiasm and humour. THE DUKE draws more laughs than most comedy shows and its greatest strength is his versatility. With impeccable timing he leaps from the fantastical plane that he has conjured to our world, addressing social issues in a kind, approachable manner and inviting the audience to be part of the solution.

It is a show for those who love picaresque storytelling and richly detailed characters, who want to laugh and see a show with a social conscience.