Focus on: Peter & Bambi Heaven

How do you act the gooey-eyed couple when off stage your romance is dead? Peter and Bambi think they've cracked it

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Peter & Bambi Heaven
Published 22 Jul 2017

A lot has happened since Peter (Asher Treleaven) and Bambi (Gypsy Wood) thrilled audiences last year with their Edinburgh debut. Australia's self-proclaimed "most delusional dancing love wizards" have overcome divorce, moving abroad and a stint on France’s Got Talent to return to the Fringe with their new show, When Love Becomes Magic. They boast of the new spectacular: "If you don’t come out of this show high on life you’re dead inside."

Peter and Bambi’s shows are a love affair, conducted between sequined disco moves and risqué magic tricks, that extends to include the audience in the pair's own particular brand of farcical circus. They have big plans for the new show, promising "huge new tricks, mind boggling escapes, white tigers, cement block smashing and more loved-up idiocy than you can poke a stick at".

But how do the raucous, big-haired, big-hearted twosome keep up the on-stage honeymoon when the love is now just another performance? They spend a lot of time in each other’s company, they tell me, with "affirmations, trust exercises, non-stop massages and one hour a day staring into each other’s eyes": all essential elements of their strange glittery world. They wouldn’t recommend touring with your ex and a selection of fine eighties wigs as an alternative to the post-divorce clichés of gin and cutting up their clothes, however – not everyone can make a success of such a scenario. For those of a mind to try their approach, Treleaven and Wood offer a piece of sage advice: "Living a parallel life on stage as a loved up eighties power couple is an excellent way to disassociate from the mess backstage." 

"Nothing can stop the Peter and Bambi love train," proclaim the rhinestoned duo. "It is actually unstoppable and if you get in the way of it, you get flattened." Peter and Bambi’s high energy and enthusiasm for utter ridiculousness is a wonderful specimen of absurdity on the Fringe. Theirs is a special relationship, and the coupling of "just us two, a couple of bottles of hairspray and the greatest dance magic show on the planet" is an alliance built on a foundation stronger than the mere sanctity of marriage.