Fringe SOS: Sweatshop

Fringe wearing you down? Mikelangelo, the impeccably-coiffed host of late night cabaret Sweatshop, knows that feeling. But, fear not, he sings with the voice of experience and provides his tip on staying safe and sane

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Fringe SOS: Sweatshop
Published 17 Aug 2017

"The Edinburgh Fringe is like Hieronymus Bosch's famous painting 'The Garden of Earthly Delights'. Temptation is everywhere, and your Fringe season can be heaven or hell or purgatory, and often an intoxicating combination of all three. We humans like like to poison ourselves daily. Alcohol flows like rivers through the drinking houses of Edinburgh.

"This Fringe I'll be turning wine into water as I attempt to navigate the festival in sobriety and deliver the goods for two shows a night. Sometimes I'll be led astray by the creatures of the night; we are only mortal after all. But mostly, Mikelangelo will behave like an archangel."