The Fungasm Gameshow

An unexpectedly amusing lunch show with cash prizes.

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The Fungasm Gameshow
Published 15 Aug 2017

This Edinburgh-born lunch show, filled with absurdist humour, silly games and cash prizes, is unexpectedly amusing. Even though the show’s title suggests this performance will contain a lot of sexual references, it hardly does. Sharp one-liners by co-host Clora keep the energy going, and a whole series of well-constructed jokes ensure an amused and engaged crowd. The cast of six play the small scenes out with conviction, though some drag on for a little too long.

There's an impressive arsenal of games that audience members are forced to participate in, some of them walking away with £20 – worth getting up on stage for. The wheel of fortune decides which game the participants will have to undergo. All are inspired by the big TV quizzes of the past, from a travelator with an abundance of out-dated prizes that whizz by in the space of a few seconds—think fax machines and video casettes—to a Deal or no Deal-style contest.

The hosts chat with the audience through the majority of the show. Ray is the weaker link as his only question seems to be: “How do you feel about this?” He also repeats Clora’s jokes, killing them in the process. She, on the other hand, is at her best when improvising – the show is worth seeing for her alone.